Penta BoxBeech half-cylinders

Beech half-cylinders

Semicilindro in faggio

Penta Box provides the widest range of beech shells in the market: the offer really includes all shells with diameter from 174 to 700 mm, with incredible possibilities of customizing respect the high, external semicicircle length and surface.

1The production of great rotary shells starts from the selection of best beech logs from east-european forests: the entire productive process from the log treatment to the final packaging is managed inside the company production plant. Thanks to the strict quality control on all processing phases Penta Box is able to deliver the ideal product for today work habits of die makers all over the world.

2All the processing phases are projected to obtain 100% beech rotary shells with the best possible wood stability to respect tight dimension tolerances and minimize the placing time for the cutting phase.

3The temperature and humidity parameters during the curving process are strictly controlled for each range of shell diameter. The shells are trimmed with the customer specification with electronic controlled cutting system.

Quality control

The quality control is made in all processing phases until the last strict check before the packaging.

Each shell is marked with:

  • Operator identification number, week and year of production
  • Number of trimmer operator and machine
  • Diameter tolerance check in 3 different points

High customization range

Penta Box beech rotary shells can be provided as natural beech or with laser cutting tested paper covered: the standard range of Penta Box colors includes white, grey and orange but it’s also possible to produce the shells with registered RAL of the customer or with logo printed on.

The productive process and the high specialization of Penta Box plant allow to offer the highest customization range of final product:

  • Longer semicircle length from 0 to 12 mm
  • Trimming at minimum
  • Custom thickness from 12,7 to 18 mm
  • Special materials


DIAMETER RANGE 170 – 750 mm (6 ½‘’ – 29 ½ ‘’)
LENGTH Up to 3000 mm – depending to diameter (118 1/10’’)
TICKNESS 12,7 – 18 (1/2’’ – 7/10’’) Special thickness available on request
  • Standard
  • Not-trimmed
  • Trimmed at minimum (maximum possible length of semicircle)
  • Longer semicircle (TBD for customer spec.)
  • Natural beech
  • Coloured paper covered (company logo personalization available)


DIAMETER TOLERANCES 170 – 242 -2/+2 (6 ½‘’– 9 ½’’ -2/25’’ / +2/25’’)
243 – 390 -3/+2 (9 3/5’’ – 15 1/5’’ -1/10’’ / +2/25’’)
391 – 487 -4/+2 (15 2/5’’ – 19 3/16’’ -3/20’’ / +2/25’’)
THICKNESS TOLERANCES ± 0,3 mm ± 1/100’’
LENGTH TOLERANCES ± 10 mm ± 2/5’’
SEMI-CIRCLE LENGHT From +0 to +12 mm – custom personalization available (+0’’ to ½’’)
QUALITY CONTROL 3 point measures for each shell for inner diameter
SHELL MARKING Pallettized:
– Vertical up 2200 mm length (86 2/3’’)
– Horizontal from 2300 mm length (90 ½’’)
TRUCK SHIPPING Diameter and thickness specified in the edge.
Month and year of production ID in the edge.
5 pieces cylinders: – customized for each transport to save shipping costs.


TRUCK SHIPPING Vertical up to 2200 mm (86 2/3’’) / Horizontal from 2300 mm (90 ½’’) Loading project designed after agreement with customer to save transport costs and unloading time
CONTAINER SHIPPING Vertical up to 2100 mm (82 3/5’’) / Horizontal from 2200 mm (86 2/3’’)

If you’re interested to this product please you to not hesitate to contact us and our staff will show you the ideal solution for your processing need and all the product range of Penta Box.

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