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Die cutting rules

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Penta Box provides a very wide and complete range of cutting rules for die making: the panel includes all the most popular in the market standards such as:

  • 9 and 12 TPI rules,
  • Eurocut,
  • Perforating in all dimensions and diameters,
  • Cutting-crease,
  • 4 and 6 point creasing rules,
  • Special and custom rules.

The selection of right blade depends on the die using purpose, and this is the reason why Penta Box offers 2 different steel kind with different hardness for all the cutting rules in the range.

Cutting rules can be provided straight, straight notched or already curved with notches, with all the diameters and height you can find in the market. The notches can be produced conical or parallel, and also the panel of teeth shape is very wide to answer to all market requests.

We can provide you a incredibly wide range of cutting rules for rotary and flat dies, giving you the chance to find all the possible solutions for your internal process from just one supplier, saving also shipping and logistics expenses.
If you’re interested to this product please you to not hesitate to contact us and our staff will show you the ideal solution for your processing need and all the product range of Penta Box

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